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House concert at Heart and Hands Farm-Petaluma, CA
Dunbar Farm and Winery, Medford, Oregon
Ashland Cooperative Fundraiser- Ashland, Oregon
with Andrea and Phil Johnson
Klamath Fall Folk Festival- Klamath Falls, OR
Willow-Witt Ranch/Turtle Trot- Oregon with Andrea Johnson

Stratsraaden Bar & Reception, Bergen, Norway
with Cecilie Anna
De Souffleur, Groningen, Netherlands
House Concert in De Wilp, Netherlands
Studio Patrick, Utrecht, Netherlands

Siskiyou Folk and Bluegrass Festival-Lake Selmac, OR
Stone River Winery, Talent, Oregon
Dunbar Farms, Medford, Oregon
Gypsy Road Studio/Artwalk, Ashland, Oregon
Gather Cafe' Bistro Bar, Talent, Oregon
Stone River Winery, Talent, Oregon
Golden Grove Collective, Ashland, Oregon
Trium Wines, Talent, Oregon
Yosemite Songwriters Retreat performance, Mariposa, CA
Neutral Ground Coffeehouse, New Orleans, LA
KSKQ, Southern Oregon Songwriters, Featured Artist
WWOZ radio performance, New Oreleans, LA
The Applegate Country Club, Applegate, Oregon
Talent Artisans & Growers Market, Talent, Oregon
Stone River Winery, Talent, Oregon with Andre
a and Phil Johnson


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